My journey to becoming a Frontend Developer begins!

Victor Magneto Ugochukwu
3 min readMar 20, 2021

I have recently decided to be more serious about my aspirations of understanding tech in keener details. Starting this month, I began learning frontend development.

Although I have always been intrigued by tech, I have not always matched words with action in understanding how to become a software developer. Even writing this post here on Medium, I’d instead I had written it on my website, which I built. However, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. So, here’s just fine.

But why am I transitioning in my career? If you’ve known me for a while, you’d have realized I’m a content creator with digital marketing skills. But I figured out it’s not enough.

For context, I’m an entrepreneur already building a tech startup with my other co-founders. In my current startup, I’m more focussed on the business side of things which means I am not involved in whipping up even a single line of code.

Why Frontend?

For someone who doesn’t have any technical background like myself, it’s only common sense I understand the foundation of how the web works. Therefore, taking courses in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is the perfect place to start. Last year, I had wanted to kickstart this journey of becoming a software developer by learning Python (a backend programming language), but I couldn’t sustain my learning tempo.

What makes you think you’ll be more committed to learning this time?

This time, it’s different. I am bringing accountability into the mix. I decided to enrol as a software developer in the Zuri board training program. I opted for the frontend track (for reasons I explained above). This means I will be submitting assignments and have mentors assess my progress within strict deadlines.

I had even subscribed and paid for a software tutorial platform by December of 2020, hoping I overcome inertia this time. To add to that, I enrolled on the IBM Digital Nation Africa to further bolster my chances of exposing myself to course materials. I think the stars are aligned in my favour this time, and I intend taking full advantage of the moment.

What does the future hold?

Becoming a good frontend developer entails a firm understanding of the foundational courses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Since I chose the front-end track, I shall delve into React and firm up my Git competencies as I progress in my new career path.

I have, therefore, committed to practising four hours daily for the next six months. Landing a junior developer internship role by September would be a dream come true for me. I hope one day, I shall work on the frontend of one of my original ideas and have anyone interact with the app. Wish me well, and feel free to catch up with me on Twitter